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The Heard Word

Why collaboration amongst writer's is important

It’s always the presumption that writers hide in a dark room in complete isolation with their computers to write. Sometimes we do but most writers, like myself, crave collaboration. We thrive on feedback and the emotional response our words have on those around us. That’s why I host writing sessions called The Heard Word where writers can read out pieces of their writing in a safe space and receive critical feedback from others. Whether it be a poem, short story, or an extract from a novel in the process, we love to hear stories and help our fellow writers.

The diverse range of stories that we’ve had at The Heard Word sessions has been inspiring. From crime to fantasy, and comedy to horror... we’ve had it all! We’ve been enchanted by fairy creatures living in another realm, but our protagonist is exiled into our world and must learn to navigate our way of living. We’ve been in fits of laughter as a man tries to come to terms with a strange growth on his hand which appears to move and grow with every passing day. We’ve been on the edge of our seats as we journey into the mind of a serial killer who stalks his next victim. We’ve been enthralled by a woman who becomes obsessed with a man she sells a house to, leading them to a doomed ending. We’ve been moved by poetry depicting the changing seasons and we’ve been engulfed by an epic fantasy tale with maps of landscapes from another world.

What makes this space so special, is that we can journey across different worlds and indulge in diverse stories. It opens up our eyes and inspires our writer’s mind. Our writing group might be small at the moment, but it’s full of creativity and positivity as we help each other to grow and learn. That’s why collaboration amongst writers is so important. If you don’t share your ideas and get feedback, you’ll never grow... unless you are that type of writer who hides away in a dark room in isolation.

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