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Flowers sit on the kitchen table that he sent,

Another apology from last night’s argument.

It’s not his fault, it’s really mine,

I should know not to step out of line.

I shouldn’t have gone out last night with friends,

He just wanted to spend time with me at the weekend.

So what if he doesn’t allow me to be free,

At least he doesn’t hit me.

A necklace sparkles in a cushioned box,

Shows that he must love me a lot.

 He is sorry, that much is obvious,

I can understand why he was so jealous.

I shouldn’t have worn that dress last night,

It showed off too much skin, and it wasn’t right.

He didn’t like the way the waiter looked at me with lust,

It wouldn’t have happened if I had only covered up.

I guess it’s okay if he’s more jealous than I would like him to be,

At least he doesn’t hit me.

As I look at the new ring shimmering on my finger,

The hurt from his poisoned words still lingers.

This morning I made his coffee wrong,

He got mad and threw it on the floor.

He says it’s my fault for not making it right,

It’s always my fault every time we fight.

But I don’t deserve to be treated this way,

So, I pack my bags whilst he’s away.

I don’t want it, if this is what they call love,

I have to leave, I’ve enough.

As I walk out the door, I can’t help but feel guilty

Afterall, at least he didn’t hit me.

His punches never touched my face,

His punches hit me in a different place.

The scars he left behind are not on my skin,

The pain goes much deeper within.

It’s hard to get away from someone, when they’re all you know.

How do you pick yourself up, when you feel so low?

It isn’t as easy as they think it is,

When I’ve been captured by his kiss.

But I will not make that same excuse,

He didn’t hit me, but it was still abuse.

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